Ali Sami Bey was born in 1872. In 1890 he enrolled in the Ottoman Naval College and in 1892 graduated as an engineer sub-lieutenant. He later became the Imperial photographer for Sultan Abdulhamid II. Following the Young Turk Revolution of 1908, supporters of the Sultan were purged and in 1909 the Sultan was exiled to Salonica. Ali Sami Bey also arrived in Salonica in 1909 and published the newspaper Hak (Right) while in 1916 he published the French newspaper Le droit (The Law).

During the Asia Minor campaign he served in the Hellenic Army where he performed confidential staff duties and was the leader of an anti-Kemalist resistance group. He also brought out the anti-Kemalist newspaper Adalet.  Following the Greco-Turkish war, he was made an enemy of Mustafa Kemal and the state of Turkey and was placed on ‘The List of 150 Personae non Gratae of Turkey’.

When he returned to Salonica after the war, he published another newspaper and continued his love of photography. He opened a photographic studio and at one stage moved to Mount Athos for two years (1925-1927) to photograph the monasteries. It’s believed he lived in Greece for the rest of his life.  As editor of the Adalet, Ali Sami Bey wrote:

“We are in the twentieth century, Mustapha Kemal and his men are undefined criminals. You the so-called civilised France, behold the massacres of Samsoun! Your assistance to the Kemalists constitutes the greatest crime. You have been the cause of the disappearance of thousands of Greeks and Armenians beneath the feet of these criminals. You, Mr Poincaré, should be aware that the responsibility of hundreds and thousands of Greeks and Armenians in Pontus and Cilicia falls greatly upon France, whose alliance with Kemal has given rise to these atrocities. History will record in black letters this injustice committed by France. In the name of my fellow country-men, I protest against this wrong. “

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Winston Churchill (1874-1965) - British Statesman

“... Mustapha Kemal's Army ... celebrated their triumph by the burning of Smyrna to ashes and by a vast massacre of its Christian population...”

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