Deutschland über Allah!

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Deutschland über Allah!
Germany, Gallipoli and The Great War.
By John F. Williams
Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2016.

In this publication, Australian historian John Wililams explores the alliance between Germany and the Ottoman Empire during the First World War and in particular the events surrounding the baltle of Gallipoli in 1915. Chapter 10 is titled Genocide on Gallipoli and describes the violent measures taken by the Germano-Turkish authorities on the native Greeks living on the Gallipoli peninsular.

As Williams states on page 147:

There were 32,000 Greeks living on the Gallipoli peninsular in 1915. By 1919, the figure was nil, the vast majority of these former inhabitants now dead. However 'genocide' is defined - in particular, however the distinction is drawn with ethnic cleansing - what happened on Gallipoli is surely an instance.

The author has also written a research paper on the persecution of the Greeks of Gallipoli which can be viewed here

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