The Asia Minor Catastrophe and the Ottoman Greek Genocide

asia minor catastrophe

Edited by George N. Shirinian
The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center, 2012.

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The Asia Minor Catastrophe and the Ottoman Greek Genocide: Essays on Asia Minor, Pontos, and Eastern Thrace, 1913-1923 edited by George N. Shirinian, Executive Director of the Zoryan Institute, is a compilation of innovative papers given by distinguished scholars at two academic conferences organized by the Pontian Greek Society of Chicago and published by The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center in Chicago.


♦ George N. Shirinian: Introduction
♦ Tessa Hofmann : The Genocide against the Christians in the Late Ottoman Period, 1912-1922
♦ Taner Akçam: The Greek Deportations and Massacres of 1913-1914: A Trial Run for the Armenian Genocide
♦ Matthias Bjørnlund: The Persecution of Greeks and Armenians in Smyrna, 1914-1916: A Special Case in the Course of the Late Ottoman Genocides
♦ Harry J. Psomiades: Greece in Asia Minor: The Greek Naval Bombardment of Samsun [Amisos], June 7, 1922
♦ Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou: The Destruction of Smyrna in 1922: American Sources and Turkish Responsibility
♦ Alexander Kitroeff: Asia Minor Refugees in Greece: A History of Identity and Memory, 1920s-1980s
♦ Van Coufoudakis: From Lausanne (1923) to Cyprus (2009): Turkey's Violations of International Law and the Destruction of Historic Hellenic Communities
♦ Robert J. Pranger: U.S. Policy Obstacles in Recognizing the Genocides of Christian Minorities in the Late Ottoman Empire: Challenges and Opportunities


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