11 Sep 1922: Kemal Won't Insure Against Massacres, New York Times

nyt 11091922

His Message Disquiets League Officials, Who Fear Turks Have Begun the Slaughter.

New York Times
11 Sep 1922.

 The following is an excerpt of the news piece.

             By Edwin L. James.

     GENEVA, SEP 10  - The Secretary  of
the  League  of  Nations   received today
from  Mustapha Kemal Pasha a  cryptic
telegram  saying  that on account of the
excited  spirit  of  the  Turkish population
the  Angora  Government would  not  be
responsible  for massacres. This  is  taken
here   to   mean  that  massacres   have
already begun.
     It  is  not  clear  what   the  League
as such  can do  to prevent excesses by
the victorious Turks, but it  is  expected
that   Lord  Robert  Cecil  will  bring  the
matter  before  the Assembly tomorrow
and ask  that  the  Governments of  the
League possessing the force take action
to   protect  the  Christian  minorities  in
Asia Minor.
  Kemal's message was sent through the
Red Cross.


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