Greek Genocide Recognitions

The Greek Genocide has been recognized by a number of international parliamentary bodies both in its entirety and by region. To date, the only country to recognize the Greek Genocide in its entirety is Armenia (2015). Greece has only affirmed a genocidal policy against the Greek subjects of the Ottoman Empire living in the regions of Asia Minor (1998) and Pontus (1994) notwithstanding the fact that Pontus was a region within Asia Minor. As things currently stand, Greece does not officially acknowledge that Greeks throughout Ottoman Turkey were victims of genocide. There have also been a number of regional recognitions, the most notable being the recognition by one of the world's foremost experts on genocide the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) in 2007. 

Greek Genocide Recognitions
Recognitions without reference to regions.

2013 New South Wales Legislative Council
2015 Armenian Parliament
2015 Willoughby City Council, New South Wales.
2015 State of South Dakota, Legislative Assembly
2016 State of Iowa, Executive Department
2017 State of Indiana, Executive Department
2019 State of Alabama
2019 & 2022 State of New Jersey, Executive Department
2023 Tasmanian House of Assembly

Regional Recognitions (partial list)
Recognition of victims from certain regions. 

1994 Hellenic Parliament (Pontus)
1994 Cyprus House of Representatives (Pontus)
1998 Hellenic Parliament (Asia Minor)
2002 State of New York Executive Chamber (Pontus)
2002 State of New Jersey Executive Department  (Asia Minor including Pontus)
2002 State of New Jersey Senate and General Assembly Joint Resolution (Pontus)
2003 Pennsylvania Senate (Pontus)
2004 Pennsylvania Office of the Governor (Pontus)
2004 City of Norwalk (Pontus)
2005 City of Cleveland (Pontus with a mention of Smyrna and Asia Minor)
2005 State of Florida, House of Representatives, Senate and Attorney General (Pontus)
2005 State of New York, Executive Chamber and Senate (Pontus)
2005 State of Florida Attorney General (Pontus)
2006 City of Chicago, City Council, Illinois (Pontus)
2006 European Parliament (Asia Minor including Pontus)
2007 International Association of Genocide Scholars (Anatolia ie. Asia Minor including Pontus)
2009 South Australia Lower House (Pontus)
2010 Swedish Parliament  (Pontus)
2015 State of Indiana Executive (Pontus)
2015 Netherlands House of Representatives (Pontus)
2015 Austrian Parliament  (Pontus)


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