So the Athens Government Reports to its Legation in Washington.
Kemalist Troops Employed in Systematic Campaign of Murder and Starvation.
The New York Times.
June 14, 1922.

     Special to The New York Times.
    WASHINGTON.  JUNE  13. -  In  a  dis-
patch  received  by  the  Greek  Legation
today  the  Greek  Government says that
Athens  is  filled  with  a  deep  sense  of
horror over the massacre of 15,000 men,
women  and   children  by  Turks  in  the
district of Rhodopolis.
The  dispatch  says  that the Greek Gov-
ernor of Sokia  reports  that  five Greeks
who escaped  from  Geronda, in  the  in-
terior   of  Asia  Minor,  brought   tidings
that the whole Greek  population in that
part of the country has  been  deported
toward the furthest interior,  in  the  di-
rection of Mougla.
Another  official  cablegram   says    that
Dr. Dalolio,  an Italian  physician  of   the
Italian  Red  Cross,  has   just  arrived  in
Athens from Makri and has made known
to  the  authorities  an  account  of  Ke-
malist atrocities which "he saw  with  his
own  eyes."  This  physician  is  said   to
have  confirmed  the  reports  that  the
atrocities  are  carried  out  according to
a  premeditated  plan  of  eliminating  all
traces  of  elements  which are not Mus-
ulman.  Every  male inhabitant between
the ages of 12 and 85 years is deported
into  the  interior  and  forced  to march
for  forty  days  to  Fonjah  and  Malatin,
or assigned to forced labor.

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