A file of overwhelming evidence denouncing the misdeeds of the Turks in Asia Minor and showing their responsibility for the horrors of Smyrna
Dr. Lysimachos Oeconomos
George Allen and Unwin, London


Although the majority of Greek and Armenian civilian men in Asia Minor have been deported to Angora, into what is tantamount to slavery, and the majority of women and children exiled, the Turks’ campaign of massacre and terror continues as the last surviving Christian communities are being wiped out one by one.” -Alfred E. Brady, p170.

Alfred E. Brady of Texas was a member of the American Smyrna Disaster Committee. He spent weeks on the islands of the Smyrna district rescuing panic stricken Greeks and Armenians fleeing from the Turks. His description of the ordeal was published in the Daily Telegraph and Manchester Guardian dated October 14, 1922. Brady noted how the Turks were opposed to efforts to aid and rescue the refugees. Whilst thousands were huddled on the beaches he stated that the Turks fired on vessels flying the American and British flags which had arrived to do the rescue work.