The Times, London. 
12 Jan 1916, p7.


                                              Milan, Jan. 11.

   Public irritation  against the  Central  Empires
has been increased by accounts of the persecu-
tion of Greeks in Turkey related by an American
missionary  who   has   arrived   in  Athens.  He
states that flogging,  torture  and  massacre are
the order  of  the  day.  Enormous  numbers  of
Greeks who  have  been deported to the interior
of Turkey have died  of  hunger  and  infectious
diseases; 36,000  Greeks  have  been  deported
from Brusa, 40,000  from the  Dardanelles,  and
45,000 from the European shores  of  the  Black
Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

"Bulgarian Plots In Greece." Times, 12 Jan. 1916, p. 7. The Times Digital Archive, Accessed 29 Aug. 2021.