Atrocities like those against Armenians revealed in documents translated for Greeks here

New York Times
16 Jun 1918
THE Turkish campaign of atrocities against the Armenians, it is now becoming known, was coincident with a similar program against the millions of Greeks inhabiting Thrace, the districts around the Bosporus, the Dardanelles, and the Sea of Marmora, the southern coast of the Black Sea, and the eastern shores of the Aegean.

According to estimates made by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, fully 1,500,000 Greeks of the Turkish Empire have been deported from their homes, usually under conditions which made probable death from starvation, disease, or exposure. Hundreds of thousands have died thus or have been massacred by Turkish soldiery; unspeakable atrocities have been a regular accompaniment of massacres and deportations, and the commercial, religious, and civic life of the Greek communities has been destroyed.