Killing By Turks Has Been Renewed


6 May,1922

In a special cable to the New York Times, Major Yowell, Director of the American Near East Relief in Harpoot states,

'The condition of the Greek minorities is even worse than that of the Armenians. The sufferings of the Greeks deported from the districts behind the battle front are terrible and still continue. These deportees began to reach Harpoot before my arrival in October. Of 30,000 who left Sivas 5,000 died before reaching Harpoot. One of the American relief workers saw 5,000 bodies on the road to Harpoot. Two thousand died on the roads east of Harpoot.'

'The deportations are still in progress. If American aid is withdrawn, all will perish. Their wholw route today is strewn with bodies of the dead, being consumed by dogs, wolves and vultures. The Turks make no effort to bury these dead, and the deportees are permitted to do so. The chief causes of death are starvation, dysentery and typhus.'

'The Turkish authorities frankly state their deliberate intention to exterminate the Greeks, and all their actions support these statements.'

'At the present time fresh deportations are starting in all parts of Asia Minor, from the northern seaports to the southern districts.'