The Sheboygan Press Telegram
June 21, 1922. p 9.

Athens, Greece - Official information from Smyrna is to the effect that, the Greek Governor of Sokia reports that five Greeks, who escaped from Geronta (in the interior of Asia Minor), brought tidings that the whole Greek population in that part of the country has been deported towards the furthest interior, most probably to Mougla. On the way they are being gradually massacred. The women and the children are herded together in a few houses and there left to die of starvation. Prior to this the women are forced to dance for the amusement of the Turkish rabble, and the violation of women, girls and young boys is carried on in the most abominable manner.



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David Lloyd George - Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

“...tens of thousands of men, women and children have been deported, and tens of thousands have died. It was pure deliberate extermination.” 

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