3 Nov 1922: Expulsion of Christians, The Times

times 03111922


The Times
November 3, 1922.

    CONSTANTINOPLE, Nov. 2.  -   The
American  Near  East  Relief  Committee
has received a telegram from the Angora
National  Assembly  announcing  that  it
has been decided to expel all the native
Christians   remaining   in  Asi a  Minor.
According to American calculations over
five  hundred  thousand  people will  be
affected, but it  is anticipated that even
this number will be  exceeded. - Reuter.

(FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.). "Near East Policy." Times, 3 Nov. 1922, p. 13. The Times Digital Archive, link-gale-com.rp.nla.gov.au/apps/doc/CS218960739/TTDA?u=nla&sid=bookmark-TTDA&xid=8ac6429b. Accessed 8 June 2022.

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